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Building One Community

ESL Teacher, Youth Leader

I started teaching at Building One Community, an immigrant center in Stamford, Connecticut, in November 2016. Since then, I've taught dozens of adult immigrants English at the most basic level, focusing on building conversation skills, confidence, and connections. My class ranges in age, nationality, and confidence level, creating a varied and vibrant group that I look forward to seeing and teaching each week.

This past year, I was promoted to the role of Youth Leader alongside my best friend, focusing on organization, outreach, and training. 

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Radio Show

"Fun Radio Funny Times: Everybody Talking" on 90.3 FM

In 2019, two of my best friends and I decided to start hosting a radio show on WWPT Westport, my school's station. With the help of Geno Heiter, our advisor, we began airing a talk show every Saturday on 90.3 FM. Our show focuses on music, pop-culture, and whatever is on our mind that day. 

During quarantine, we took our production online, broadcasting to the airwaves from the comfort of our homes. We decided to take advantage of our Zoom broadcasts by reaching out to dozens of our favorite musicians, trying to get at least one on our show. We had the truly mind-boggling privilege of interviewing two of my favorite bands: Potty Mouth, an L.A. based rock band, and Kid Sistr, a brand new girl group based in our hometown. Recently, we interviewed indie-pop duo Jacklen Ro to announce their upcoming EP.

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